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JoyPlus creates fresh mobile content for the whole family. we lovingly produce digital adventures that entertain, challenge, and engage families all over the world. Find us on Apple's iOS and Google's Andriod operation system!

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Mermaid Secrets8-Love Battle

Who is the mystery kidnapper? Help mermaid Mia and high school boy Eric to find out the truth. Collect all evidence and find out who is behind. Oh my god! I can't believe he is the kidnapper. Can he be any worse? Through your efforts, you can absolutely send the criminals to justice.

Mermaid Secrets7-Save Mermaid

OMG! He use the knife to cut Eric's surfboard! I can't believe it. How could he do that? Oh, No. Don't hurt me! Who is that person? Why he takes Mia to the car? Oh, no! Mermaid Mia has been kidnapped. Now she is in a scary house. Hurry up, let her out of danger.

Mermaid Secrets6-Tail Doctor

Mermaid er surgery doctor games! Mermaid princess tail doctor games for girls! Oh, What's that? It's a huge swimming pool! I haven't had a swim for a long time. Now I can swim and have fun here! Swimming is the best rest way for a mermaid! It seems that someone is coming. I can't expose my mermaid tail, otherwise I will be in danger! Oh, No, Don't hurt me!

Mermaid Secrets5-Sea Rescue

Someone is drowning in the sea! Accidents happened in the surfing competition. Oh, no. It's Eric. He saved your life before. Now he is in danger, you can't just leave him to die! Work out the solution and rescue him immediately! Take him to the hospital and use the professional tools to cure him.

Mermaid Secrets4-Sea Crash

The surfing competition will be held in south ocean school next week. Everyone so excited about it. Eric well prepared for the competition, he is most likely to win the championship. Oh, No. There is an emergency situation happened and Eric is in danger ! Help, Help!


Mermaid Secrets3-School Drama

Sometimes being a new girl in high school is tough. Eric took Mia to school by bike, so there were some nasty rumors about her. Kim was the Queen of the school. She thought Mia got in the way of her relationship with Eric. So she wants to give a lesson to Mia. Can Mia handle all problems?

Mermaid Secrets2-Love Story

Why Rain? Why? Fortunately, Alan was left and I can dry myslef with handkerchief. Great!The scales are gone and nobody will know my secrets. My makeup is mess! Refine the makeup and dress up the beautiful outfit right now. Alan didn't go to school today, what's wrong with him? Oh, No. He is sick at home today! Take care of him on his sick day & help him recovery soon.

Mermerid Secrets1 -First Rescue

Mermaid Mia was used to live a carefree life under the water. One day, she was snared by the fish-eater's hook. A little boy cut the fishing net and she got free again!When Mia back to the sea, she can't forget the whole thing ever happened. She decided to go up to the land and find him.


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